How To Go Your Own Way

There are always endless tips on gardening programmes and magazines telling you when is the “right” time to do this or that. On the whole they are probably correct BUT there are times in my gardening schedule when I just ignore this advice totally, go my own way and hope for the best.

I did this two years ago when I suddenly thought in the middle of June, that I was bored with my old rose beds and decided there and then to dig up the entire lot and plant Delphiniums in their place and so I did. The logic being that had I waited for the “right” time which would probably have been sometime in the late Autumn, then my help would have been considerably less at that time of the year so obviously it made sense to strike there and then with willing (well quite willing!) hands to help.


It took 3 of us almost a week to dig them all out, replant them and then organically refresh the old ground. The roses themselves truly didn’t mind much, and okay they “wept” a bit and looked rather sorry for themselves, but with copious amounts of water daily, they soon perked up and looked spectacular this Summer as if they had been in the Long Border forever and as for the Delphiniums they too were a stunning sight of spires both Royal Blue and White....that rhymes!!