"One of the horticultural wonders of Scotland”

The grounds at Wemyss Castle have been gardened formally since the 17th century, each generation introducing their own aesthetics and ideas. After the second world war the walled garden at Wemyss Castle became largely redundant. Since 1993 it has been lovingly overhauled and redesigned by Charlotte Wemyss.

The six-acre walled garden has become a symphony of spring and summer flowers. Clematis, roses and ornamental trees are the stars of the show supported by herbaceous planting, sweeping lawns, sculptural and architectural features which all work together to create a journey of striking colours, wonderful textures and an intoxicating scent.


Walled garden

The six-acre walled garden, having lain redundant for decades, has been brought back to life with new landscaping and planting throughout.  The result is a feast for the senses: bursting with flowers and unusual species of trees, constant birdsong and the ever-present sound of the sea.

Best time to visit:

late April to end of July

Woodland Garden

The beech woods surrounding Wemyss Castle play host to magnificent swathes of the elegant Erythronium Revolutum carpeting almost three acres of ground to create a stunning vista of these pale lilac flowers with their marbled green leaves.

Best time to visit:

mid-April to end of May.


 The Walled Garden at Wemyss Castle is home to an unofficial national collection of MONTANA CLEMATIS. There are many hundreds of plants displayed in the garden; over 50 varieties. 

There are often a small selection of clematis plants for sale at the gardens.  Please ask for details when you visit.

Best time to visit:

LATE MAY to end of JULY



When Michael and Charlotte Wemyss moved to the Castle in 1993 the Walled Garden had structurally sound walls but inside was a wilderness with a handful of ancient fruit trees, a patch of redcurrants and three geese.




The Gardens are open by appointment from mid-April to the end of July.